Hong Kong and Taiwanese Movies 
Select from list below of movies and you'll come to the review. (I only put the actor's names that I know below)
Song Hung Ky Hiep : Starring Tony Leung, Hugo Ng, Kitty Lai, Eddie Kwan .... Secret of The Heart : Starring Felix Wong, Kathy Chau, Gallen Lo, Ada Choi .... Dragon Sabre and Heaven Sword : Starring Tony Leung, Kitty Lai, Dodo Cheung .... Triumph Over Evil : Starring Nick Cheung .... The legend of Na Zha : Starring .... The Grand Canal Starring Felix Wong, Tony Leung, Idy Chan, Margie Tsang ... The Legend of the book and sword : Starring : Jaceline Law, Kitty Lai, Fiona Leung, Janie Chic ... The Saga of the lost kingdom : Starring : Kathy Chau, Margie Tsang, Roger Kwok .... The Sword of Conquest : Starring : Kathy Chau, Eddie Kwan .... The Jade Dolls : Starring : Kenny Ho .... Moc Que Anh : Starring : .... Te Cong : Starring : Joey, Timmy Ho, Cherie Tsang, Vivian Leung .... Justice Pao(ATV) : Starring : Kenny Ho, Kung Chi Yan .... The Tough Side of a Lady : Starring : Wong Hei .... Hoa Moc Lan : Starring : .... Dark Tales II : Starring : Vivian Leung .... Family Fortune : Starring : Eddie Kwan .... Return of Princess Pearl : Starring : Alec Su, Zhao Jiu, Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei .... Return of Princess Pearl : Starring : ALec Su, Zhao Jiu, Ruby Lin,Zhao Wei .... These links above are to reviews or partial reviews. All of the above are HK movies I have seen. Some of them are parts of HK movies that I have seen, but haven't finished.