Song Hung Ky Hiep 

Tieu Ngu Nhi = Tony Leung
Hoa Do Khuyet = Hugo Ng
Thiet Tam Lan = Kitty Lai
To Ung = ?
Cung Chu = ?

The movie begins with Dang Phong and his wife running away from two men dressed in white on horses. A battle soon takes place, Dang Phong and his wife kills the two men and take the horses. Next the two are on a boat with a man who is rowing the boat for them. Then somehow the stick breaks, and so they go a shore for awhile. At this moment Dang Phong's wife is pregnant. The two leaves the man in charge of the boat for a few minutes and goes into the city. In the city the people begins to run and hide when four monks comes to terrorize the city. Not able to resist the temptation of teaching these monks a lesson, Dang Phong beats them up. And when the two return to the boat the rower is dead, and instantly they know this is the work of Ly Qua Cung Chu. Ly Qua Cung Chu is in love with Dang Phong, but he falls in love with one of her favorite servants. So the two runs away to live together, but obviously Ly Qua Cung Chu won't let this pass. She's after them. All of the sudden four of Ly Qua Cung Chu's servants appear demanding Dang Phong and his wife's return to the palace. The two kills those four and starts to head off then they're blocked by Dang Phong's wife's nurse, who raised her.