This story is about Hoang Cong Dong(Vu Linh). The way it's filmed is about a story in order to tell what happened years before and how come he's in jail. It's interesting for the men who question him are all his long lost sons whom are the king's son n laws. But all the boys have different mothers. His story starts off telling to his eldest son: Hoang Cong Cung(Chi Linh). It all started when his wife Xuan Mai(Phuong Mai) cut her hair in order to get money so he could go take a test. So he left her, while she was pregnant. Then that son realize it's his father so the second takes over. He is Hoang Cong Chuc(Ngan Tuan). Then he goes on and talks about a band of robbers, and he met their leader Ha Lan (Thanh Thanh Tam). She fell in love with him but one of her men tried to kill him in order to have her. They get seperated and she's pregnant with his second son. That is when his second son realize it's his father and so the third takes over. This boy is called Hoang Cong Tan(Tong Nghia) and so the story continues. It turned out that Thu Cuc(Thanh Hang) and her father saved Hoang cong Dong, but her father dies because of a snake bite and marries his daughter off to Hoang Cong Dong. Missing his first wife he leaves her while she's pregnant. Obviously the third son realize it's his father. Now the fourth son(Hoang Cong Xuan(Chieu Hung))know's his father had been missing for many years, and had not met him. So being careful he asks Hoang Cong Dong if he had another wife, and he admitted he did. So he goes and asks his mother if he's his father. His mother is Dong Truc(Thoai My) and so there is is. So since they couldn't punish him for he was their father they go off to see the king on the way they meet up with the father princesses. They're the wives of the sons. The eldest of them is Hanh Dao(Hong Nhung), then Mau Don(Van Ha), Hong Lien(Kim Thoa) last is Huong Thuy(Bach Lan). All nine goes to the king(Minh Hung) and tells the rest of the story.