Song Hung Ky Hiep is a story basically about a little game of revenge that Di Hoa Cung Chu(Thanh Thanh Tam) wanted to play. You see Di Hoa Cung Chu was in love with Giang Sinh(Chinh Nhan) but he loved Hoa Thuy Ngo(Bao Ngoc). The two lovers ran away. So Di Hoa Cung Chu and her faithful Huy Gia(Kim Tieu Long) soon found the two. When they did find the two, Hoa Thuy Ngo gave birth to twin baby boys, also they'd been poisoned before Di Hoa Cung Chu got there. They were poisoned by Gia Nhan(Cong Minh) for he wanted something that belonged to Giang Sinh. Since the parents were murdered Di Hoa Cung Chu couldn't get her revenge and decided to get it on the two babies. She seperated them, taking the eldest of the two babies with her, and the younger of the two babies went to Dong Phien(Chi Linh). Dong Phien is Giang Sinh's friend. Her plan was that the two babies would grow up and then have a battle to the death. She wanted one to kill the other then tell him of his relation to the other in order to make him forever be torchered from the idea he killed his brother. So twenty years later the two boys grown up, one is a wild play boy who loves to kiss girls. The other is a proper young man. The oldest was named Hoa Son Thuyet(Kim Tu Long) and the younger was named Tieu Long Hai(Vu Luan). The strange thing is that in the movie the younger was called Tieu Long Nhi. As the story goes, Tieu Long Hai saves Chiec Tam Lan(Thoai My) from the grasps of Cong Chua(Van Ha) and the two become good friends. They meet up with Hoa Son Thuyet at a temple and later become friends. Then one night Tieu Long Hai went into a garden and met Thuy An (Trinh Trinh) and fell in love with her. That was when Di Hoa Cung Chu commanded Hoa Son Thuyet to kill Tieu Long Hai. It is complicated for now Chiec Tam Lan is in love with Hoa Son Thuyet but wants to save Tieu Long Hai. Eventually the two brothers kill Gia Nhan, and then the next day fight. Tieu Long Hai pretended to be dead and that was when Di Hoa Cung Chu told the truth. But she didn't realize Tieu Long Nhi was actually alive because of this medicine that made him seem dead. The brothers are brothers again and now knew the truth.


This Cai Luong was one of my favorites, I liked it a lot. Then again, one thing I never understood was where did Kim Tieu Long go? He showed only up to when Hoa Son Thuyet was a kid. Then I also wanted to know why Thuy An knew the kung fu belonging to Di Hoa Cung Chu. There are many questions that I needed answered. My mom told me with a cai luong that good there had to be a chinese movie they created the story off of. My little sister found many Hong Kong movie sites that had Vietnamese titles on them. Being bored I went to one and looked around on the movie list. There I found out that TVB created a movie starring two of my favorite Hk actors : Tony Leung and Kitty Lai. I rented the movie and watched it. Even so it was longer it explained more, way more! Now I understand a plenty.

The Movie Info

1. What were the four lover's real name?
   Tieu Long Hai  was  Giang Tieu Ngu
   Hoa Son Thuyet was  Hoa Do Khuyet
   Chiec Tam Lan  was  Tiet Tam Lan
   Thuy An        was  To Ung

2. Who was Gia Nhan?
   Supposedly from a Chinese review he was Giang Son's nephew. 
   In the Chinese version he killed Giang Son for a kung fu book.
   He never got it until a long time later when he meets Giang Tieu Ngu.
   His character represent plain evil for he kills his father n law and 
   eats his son. Seriously the Chinese version can count as a horror movie

3. How did Thuy An know Di Hoa kung fu?
   Her teacher was Huy Gia. According to the Chinese story he was in love with
   with Di Hoa Cung Chu. He also was better than her, but she didn't find out
   until he beats her. She then tricks him and cuts off his legs, then fed him
   to rats, thinking they would eat him alive. No, he survived and raised a 
   girl named To Ung to destroy her plan. 

4. What was it about saving Chiec Tam Lan's father?
   He was accused of killing the king, and so after the Hoa Do khuyet and Giang
   Tieu Ngu became friends they helped save her father. The funny thing is 
   Chiec Tam Lan's father tries to marry her off to Giang Tieu Ngu.