Kiep Chung Chong 

Le Thuy
Minh Phung
Trinh Trinh

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Summary I do not know many of the actor's names nor the character's names. This story in particular was one of my favorites with Le Thuy. I wouldn't have watched this hadn't my mom put it in the VCR. The story is about Le Thuy and Minh Phung who are a couple with their daughter Trinh Trinh. What happens it that Minh Phung goes and secretly get a little wife.This little wife gave him a son. Le Thuy finds out and is very angry. Even so this wife lives in a different house, she and her daughter goes to try to buy the little wife off. With a bit of money and taking the baby boy, Le Thuy gets into a fight with Minh Phung. He accidently blinds Trinh Trinh and Le Thuy goes crazy. :) It's really interesting, but that's all I remember.