Con Gai Manh Le Quan
Actors Ngoc Huyen vai Hoang Phu Phi Giao Duc Loi vai Thieu Hoa Bach mai vai Manh Le Quan Ngan Tuan vai Hoang Phu Tieu Phuong Tieu Linh vai Hoang Phu Trieu Lan Chi Linh vai Hoang De An Ton Ngoc Lan Huong vai Ve Dang Nga Hong Nhung vai Hung Ngoc Dung Chau Thanh Haong vai Thai Thuong Hoang Toa Thanh vai Thai Giam Ma Thuan Hoai Linh vai Hoang Phu Trieu Cau Kim Phuong vai Hoang Phu Truong Hoa Minh Long vai Hung Huu Hoo Be Binh Tinh vai Hoang Tu Summary
This story shows just how different Manh Le Quan and her daughter was. Ngoc Huyen was selfish after she married the king(Chi Linh). Chi Linh had two wives one was Ngoc Huyen and the other was Hong Nhung. Ngoc Huyen found many ways to try to destroy Hong Nhung's chances of being the first queen. Angered by their daughter's doings, Bach Mai and Duc Loi with the help of their two sons Tieu Linh and Ngan Tuan stopped almost everything Ngoc Huyen did. For example she tried to get Hong Nhung's parents beheaded, but Ngan Tuan went and saved them. Then she tried to kill the new born baby that Hong Nhung gave birth to, but Tieu Linh snuck the baby out. Finally after awhile the king's father came back from the temple to stop it. Ngoc Huyen was to commit suicide for her wrongs.