Hieu Tu Ty Ba Cao
Kim Tu Long   vai   Duong Can
Tai Linh      vai   Hong Cuc
Linh Tam      vai   Quan Huyen
Ut Bach Lan   vai   ba Tran Thai
Buu Truyen    vai   Diep Thien Sy
Trinh Trinh   vai   Tieu Thuy
Phuoc Sang    vai   Cam Tau
Bach Long     vai   Tao Tau
Xuan Yen      vai   Thuc Dia
Cong Minh     vai   Thay Boi
Thanh Chien   vai   Tho san
Thanh Son     vai   Tho san
Be Thanh Thao vai   Tieu Nhi
Hong Tham     vai   Ba Me

This is a charming story... I really mean it! Also last summer this was the first cai luong I ever bought with my own money. From the cover I thought Tai Linh and Kim Tu Long looked interesting and it had Trinh Trinh and Linh Tam in it. The story is about Hieu Thao. That is very important and Ba Tran Thai(Ut Bach Lan) is Duong Can(Kim Tu Long)'s mother. In the beginning they demonstrated Duong Can growing up with his mother, then he left her in the care of Cam Tau(Phuoc Sang). When he left he went to take the test and when he returns he couldn't find his mother. Then Tieu Thuy(Trinh Trinh) comes and tells him that his mother was staying at her house. That is just the beginning. Quan Huyen(Linh Tam) is Duong Can's bestfriend in the story. But Ba Tran Thai is growing ill and no matter how many doctors Duong Can call for no one can cure her. Then Diep Thien Sy(Buu Truyen) comes and cure her temporarily and gives Duong Can a book of medicine. Finally, Tran Thai grows much iller. So Duong Can goes out to find a cure for his mother. The cure is this plant, but he dresses up as a poor boy and goes out to find it. On the way he meets Hong Cuc(Tai Linh) and she joins him on the journey. The thing is he thinks she is a boy because she dresses like one. During their travel while Hong Cuc was combing her hair early in the morning some barbarians come and attack her because she's a girl. Duong Can tried to save her but couldn't, then the heavens killed one of the two men and so they were helped. So obviously Duong Can and Hong Cuc falls in love and finds the plant. In the end of the video there is a wedding for Trinh Trinh, Tai Linh, Kim Tu Long, and Phuoc San.