Phan Le Hue Loan Phat Truong
Vu Linh vai Tiet Dinh Sang Thanh Thanh Tam vai Phan Le Hue Thanh Loan vai Vo Tac Thien Thanh Tong vai Tiet Cuong Thoai My vai Tiet Du Mai Truong Son vai Tiet Nghia Ngoc Dang vai Tiet Phu Nhan Huu Canh vai Hoai Hau Xuan Yen vai Lieu Kim Khue Bao Chung vai Trinh Giao Kim Van Ha vai Ky Loan Anh * And Others Vo Hau Soan Ngoi is the continue of this video Summary
I can not exactly give you a great summary because I haven't watched this entire cai luong. The amount I have seen was in the beginning when Tiet Dinh Sang(Vu Linh) and Phan Le Hue(Thanh Thanh Tam) sends their son(Thanh Tong) to send a letter to his aunt. They knew he liked to drink and in order to stop him from drinking they put a not on him telling him not to drink. But on the way he meets up with his friend Bach Long(the actor name) and Bach Long gets him to drink with him. The two drank until drunk then went to a party that was held by the king. There Trinh Trinh(the actor name) was singing and Tiet Cuong started to flirt with her. Not able to stand it the prince went down to stop Tiet Cuong. Tiet Cuong killed the prince and the king got a heart attack, so the queen(Thanh Loan) swore to get revenge. She sent people out to execute all three generations in the Tiet family. Tiet Cuong escaped but his parents were captured. Now from this point on I haven't watched but I do know that Phan Le Hue gets saved, but her husband is not so fortunate, also Tiet Cuong marries Ky Loan Anh(Van Ha) Opinion This part of the two video series was confusing after the part I told you, so I lost interest in telling. But when I watched Vo Hau Soan Ngoi, I realized how good this story really is.