Na Hong Tren Moi Em

Main Characters
Tai Linh    vai Thao Suong
Kim Tu Long vai Truong Long
Bao Quoc    vai Lam Tuan
Ut Bach Lan vai Ba Nhan

Summary Thao Suong(Tai Linh) is in love with Vinh Xuan(Duong Thanh) and the two are engaged. Except Da Thao(Van Ha) is also in love with Vinh Xuan. She went to school with both of them and so she's quite often jealous of Thao Suong. She was eavedropping when she found out that Thao Suong was carrying Vinh Xuan's child before they got married. This was bad news for them but good for Da Thao. On the wedding day Da Thao innocently told that secret to everyone in cluding Ba Nhan(Ut Bach Lan), who is Vinh Xuan's mother. She was furious and canceled the wedding. Hurt Thao Suong runs away. Meanwhile Ba Nhan is trying to match Vinh Xuan up with Doa Thao. Sau Hung(Diep Lang) is Thao Suong's father and he spends most of his time trying to stop Vinh Xuan from getting drunk and stuff like that. Thao Suong almost gets robbed by Den Den Tam(Hong To) but she was saved by Truong Long(Kim Tu Long). Since she has no where to go she goes and lives with him. Eventually she marries him and has Vinh Xuan's baby. She starts having trouble with Cam Lien(My Chi), who is her sister and law. But Cam Lien's husband Lam Tuan(Bao Quoc) tries to over turn his wife's cruel deeds. You see Truong Long is still poor while his sister is rich. His sister tries every way to get Thao Suong to leave him. By the end of the story Sau Hung finds his daughter and things are straightened out, but poor Vinh Xuan he doesn't get to keep his child or his ex-girlfriend...

Opinion I really enjoyed this cai luong. No surprise right?