Long Lam Qui Phong

Main Characters Bach Long vai Trieu Ho Vu Luan vai Vua Nguyen Vuong Chan Cuong vai Trieu Long Binh Tinh vai Trieu Lan Bach Loan vai Trieu Qui Thanh Thao vai Trieu Phung Trinh Trinh vai Bach Xuan Lien Tu Suong vai Quan Chua My Phung My Linh vai Hoang Tu Nguyen Long Truong Oanh vai Thua Tuong Summary The story begins with the king(Vu Luan) meeting up with his sister Quan Chua My Phung(Tu Suong) after she's been away from the palace. Then he invites his bestfriend Trieu Ho(Bach Long) to the palace. Trieu Ho is married to Bach Xuan Lien(Trinh Trinh) and together they have four warrior children : Trieu Long(Chan Cuong), Trieu Lan(Binh Tinh), Trieu Qui(Bach Loan), and Trieu Phung(Thanh Thao). At the palace the king recieves an invitation from the King Phien(Huu Danh). He as well as everyone else knows it's not safe to send him. His son Hoang Tu Nguyen Long(My Linh) goes in his place. Yet, still he doesn't feel safe sending him so to accompany the prince is Trieu Lan and her brother Trieu Long. Also he sends Trieu Ho to one border line to guard it and protect the country. Then he sends Bach Xuan Lien to another border to protect the country.Tieu Phung goes with her father, and I'm not sure about Tieu Qui. As for Quan Chua My Phung she goes out to have fun again. That is the beginning of the story... What happens next is quite interesting. At King Phien's palace he had so much set up ready to kill the king, but what he wanted was to set a plan of some sort a treaty with the king. When he found out Nguyen Long was not the king he sent his men out to kill him immediately. Trieu Long was shot to death by arrows. Trieu Lan was pulled to death by two horses going opposite directions. Hoang Tu Nguyen Long returned home alone... At the palace Thua Tuong(Truong Oanh) sent one of his daughters to go and flirt with the king. She did it successfully. While she's doing that her father sent a man to come in and try to kill the king. This man was unsuccessful and when caught he said Trieu Ho sent him. The king being drunk let Thua Tuong and his daughter convince him to execute Trieu Ho. So drunkingly he signs an order to go out and behead Trieu Ho. Soldiers were sent to goto the border were Trieu Ho was guarding and behead him. Trieu Ho was surprised by was a man true to his country so he got ready to be beheaded. Before he could die his daughter Trieu Lan comes telling the soldiers they could kill her in her father's place. Her father tries to send her home but she refuses to go but in order to prove that she was true to her word she grabbed a sword and stabbed herself. She died, and her father was beheaded anyways. At the palace the king was taken captive and it was time to get rid of Trieu Qui and Hoang Tu Nguyen Long. So Thua Tuong captured the prince and told Trieu Qui if he didnt' surrender he would kill the prince. So he natural surrendered and was shot to death with arrows. Now that the kingdom was taken over by Thua Tuong and his daughter there were still loyal people who went out to find the last two people who could save the country : Quan Chua My Phung and Bach Xuan Lien. The two returned seperately for they didn't even find out together. Bach Xuan Lien was determined to kill the king because her entire family died protecting him and his family. Quan Chua My Phung got to the palace first and attacked. She stood no match so luckily for her Bach Xuan Lien came and rescued her, but after killing Thua Tuong she took over and retrieved the king from the prison. To avenge her love one's death she was going to behead him. When she was about to let go of the arrow to kill the king her children came back from the dead. Their teacher had rescued them and they returned but their father could not. Bach Xuan Lien forgave the king and he forgave her. THE END

I really loved this story very much, but honestly this was the first cai luong I ever saw Vu Luan in. I immediately thought he was Vu Linh on the first scene. Later I discovered he wasn't but I remarked that his acting was horrible in this cai luong. My favorite scenes were when Bach Xuan Lien was about to kill the king. It was interesting because she was bestfriends with the princess. I would commend this cai luong for kids and teenagers. It's really entertaining beside Vu Luan's horrible acting in this. I didn't say he is a horrible actor but this cai luong showed how expressionless he was in the beginning of his career.