San Hau

Cast : Vu Linh Vu Luan Ngoc Huyen Link Tam Truong Son Thoai My Thanh Hang Chieu Hung Ngan Tuan Thanh Tong Que Tran Hieu Canh Bach Long Chi Linh Summary What bothers me about this cai luong is there are 6 tapes with less then an hour worth on each. Also they dragged the story on and on... It took me a total of one week in order to watch it all and get my self through it. The story is good though. The tale is mostly about Ngoc Huyen is is Phan Phung Co. She is one of the king's wives. In the opening sceen, Thanh Hang (the Hoang Hau) finds out that Ngoc Huyen is pregnant. She is very worried because of the fact for a long time no one could give the king and a child and now Ngoc Huyen was pregnant. Thanh Hang has several younger siblings which includes Truong son, Thoai My, Bach Long... If anymore I wouldn't be able to tell you who. Truong Son is the most coniving of them all. He convinces Thanh Hang to go and try to poison Ngoc Huyen. Ngan Tuan is their youngest brother and is sort of ... not the brightest person in the world. But he's really kind heartest. His sister told him to serve poison to Ngoc Huyen. He replaces the poison with medicine that would help with a women who's pregnant. Later the king, Chieu Hung, has been attacked and lays unconscious for several days. Thanh Hang is the first beside his servant to come to his side. She wants to hog him because she dwells over his love and affection. So when Ngoc Huyen comes with medicine that she made herself, Thanh Hang takes the medicine from her and tells her to go home. But the king heard that Ngoc Huyen was there and wanted to see her. Then while the King and Ngoc Huyen were talking, Truong Son hired someone in black to place poison in the medicine. When the king drank the medicine he was poisoned. As he was dying, in front of his court he said he knew who murdered him and Ngoc Huyen was innocent. How pathetic way to make a statement because only one person in the entire court who was present even listened to that statement. Everyone else claimed that Ngoc Huyen was guilty of murdering her husband. The only person who risked everything to say she was innocent at the time was Duc Loi. Truong Son ended up taking the throne, with the support of his friends and family. Duc Loi was executed, and Ngoc Huyen was placed in the dungeon for later punishment. Linh Tam had showed up when Truong Son asked if there was anyone who didn't want him to be king, or something like that. Linh Tam showed up and said he'd like to be a loyal worker to Truong Son. So Truong Son gave him a high position. Somewhere else, Vu Linh is sick and finds out what happened. Cam Thu is his wife. Vu Linh is angry at Linh Tam, and so forth... So Vu Linh convinces Linh Tam that Ngoc Huyen is innocent, so the two go and saves her from prison. While escaping they have to battle and Ngoc Huyen gave birth to her baby boy out in the fields. She gives the baby to Vu Linh to hold and then they get seperated. This is the point where I stopped... Last night i picked up the last video to watch and I know that Vu Luan is Ngoc Huyen's son. They defeat the Ta family(Thanh Hang's family) and kills many people to get Vu Luan back on the throne. I will try to watch the rest.
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