Trang Meo Cuoi Vo Cam

Cast Ngoc Huyen Hong Dao Kim Tu Long Ngoc Dien Mieu (Meo) Thoai My Hong Khan Van Ha Hong Su Chi Linh Chuot Ngoc Dang Ba Tu Trong Nghia Vinh Xuan Hong Nhung Vinh Lien Dien Phong Lau An May Hong Lan Tien Nu Hieu Canh Thai Giam Summary Meo is handicapped. His mother has got a lot of debt. Hong Su wants her money back. But Ba Tu cannot pay them back. So her son Meo has to work for Hong Su and her sister Hong Dao and Hong khanh. Hong Dao is deaf and she cannot speak. They fell in love with each other. One day when Meo was working a poor man appears. He wants something to eat. And Meo gives him to eat. Then suddenly the poor man was a girl. Tien Nu. She told him that he has got two wishes. So Meo wishes that he is not handicapped anymore. He went to chuot and told him what has happen. Hong Dao was sad, because she cannot talk and I think she was a little bit afraid that Meo will not love her anymore. But he has got two wishes and he wished that Hong Dao can speak. Now everybody was happy. Now Meo looks very cute and Hong Su fell in love. So she didn't allowed Hong Dao to marry Meo. They went without Hong Su's permission. Meo was learning to be Trang Nguyen or something like that and has to go for a long time. During that time Hong Su told Chuot to kill Hong Dao. He did not do. He helped Hong Dao to escape, but Hong Khanh was caught. Hong dao went to So bang and met Vinh Xuan and Hong Lien. She went with them to their palace. There Vinh Xuan fell in love with her but she refused his love because she stille loves Ngoc Dien Mieu. Meo came back and Chuot told him everything. After Meo has punished Hong Su, he and Hong Dao were searching for Hong Dao. Till they met Thai Giam. He told them that Hong Dao was at Vinh Xuans palace. So Meo was dressed up as a girl (Ba Bao Bong)and Hong Khanh was dressed up as a boy,called Tu Bi Bo. When they met Vinh Xuan, Vinh Lien and Hong Dao at the palace. The king decided that Tu Bi Bo has to be one of his best friends and Vinh Lien decicded that Ba Bao Bong has to be her girlfriend. At Vinh Liens room she told Ba Bao Bong to sleep with her. Ba Bao Bong was Shocked. Then everything blew up because Ba Bao Bong lost her wig. So they went to Vinh Xuans room to "rescue" Tu Bi Bo. But it was too late. He already knew that Tu Bi Bo was Hong Khanh, because she lost her moustache. But there is an happy end. Vinh Xuan did not execute them. He married Hong Khanh and Meo met Hong Dao and got married with Vien Lien. So he has got two wifes.

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