Moi Duyen Ho 

Thanh Ngan
Vu Luan
Trinh Trinh
Thanh Nam
Trong Nghia
Thanh Nguyet

Summary This story was to repromote,something like that, Thanh Nguyet and this other actress but on top of my mind I can not think of the other actresses's name. The story is as follows. Thanh Ngan is a girl from the village and Vu Luan is a boy from the city. Vu Luan's mother (Thanh Nguyet) was best friends with Thanh Ngan's mother. Also Vu Luan's uncle (Thanh Nam) was in love with Thanh Ngan's mother. Thinking of how close they are as friends, Thanh Nguyet takes Thanh Ngan into the city to study and go to school. In the city, Thanh Ngan's friend is Kim Anh(Trinh Trinh). Trong Nghia is Vu Luan's friend and Trinh Trinh's older brother. Well, Thanh Ngan and Vu Luan gets engaged and it's due to parent's arrangement. Vu Luan doesn't give her much of a care. One day, she got a ride home from Trong Nghia because he'd came to pick up his sister but she wasn't there and Thanh Ngan needed a ride. Vu Luan misunderstood and claimed that Thanh Ngan was cheating on him. He beat Trong Nghia up and then lost all he did have. As in, Trong Nghia was a bit cold towards him but not half as much as Trinh Trinh. Thanh Ngan was hurt and ran away. Vu Luan felt guilty and went to find her. He couldn't because she didn't ran away to her home but to Thanh Nam's home. Her mother convinces her to return and they get on a bus. That same bus hits Vu Luan and he ends up in the hospital. After he recovered it's the end and they are a couple still.