Nat Canh Phuong Hong
Cast : Vu Linh Khai Vu Luan Duc Phuong Hong Thuy Thu Dao Quoc Kiet Tanh Thanh Ngan Hanh Trinh Trinh Lai Diep Lang Ong Vinh Trong Nghia Ong Phat Summary I watched this cai luong last sunday (March 10 2001) and loved it. My Mom's friend Bac Nga bought it for us and I thank her a ton because I love this one so much. It's the cai luong that I'd like to say Trinh Trinh looks the prettiest. This story is mostly about Duc, Hanh, Tanh and Lai. Duc and Hanh are classmates who've fallen in love. In the opening seen it looked almost as if they were going to kiss, but that is rare. Anyhow, in the first seen was when they seperated supposedly temporarily because Hanh was going home to her village. She was sponsered to go to Sai gon in order to study. Her family is poor and Duc's family is rich. She didn't believe they could be together but Duc promised her they could because he was an 'only' child and his parents gave into him in practically everything. Lai is a girl that Duc has grown up with. Ong Phat is her father while Khai is Duc's father. Their parents want them to get married. Now this isn't an average cai luong where the girl in the relationship is overpowering, in the beginning Lai didn't want to marry Duc either. He convinced her, well sort of begged her. Duc agreed to the marriage because it was Lai's mother's last wish and his mother's wish. Apparently when Duc was two and his parents and Lai's parents were together they were attacked by bandits. Ong Phat and Ong Khai weren't able to stop the bandits, but the bandits used Duc to threaten Duc's mother. To protect Duc,Lai's mother risk her life to save his. The bandits killed her and scared they ran away. It was her final wish that the two got married. Duc isn't allowed to tell Lai this story, he isn't even suppose to know. Meanwhile, Tanh and his mother Thu Dao live in the same village as Hanh. Actually, Tanh loves Hanh very much, but he's afraid she won't love him because he has a hunchback. They grew up with each other, so she does care for him. Tanh is curious about his father and he thought his father was dead. It turns out that Khai is Thu Dao's ex-boyfriend who left her because he thought she was cheating on him. In reality it turned out that his father, Ong Vinh(Diep Lang) use to be in love with Thu Dao's mother and was just giving her money to take care of her. When Khai had found out he was wrong it was too late, because he had married another women to get even with Thu Dao, also by that time she'd left town and there was no trace her. Tanh meets up with Ong Khai and he accepts his as his father and comes to Sai Gon to meet his little brother and his sister n law, Lai. Hanh goes into Sai gon and found out that her love, Duc was married. She comes to the house with a basket of Phuong Hong. In the story the Phuong Hong represents her, mostly her. Both Tanh and Duc knows that it represents her because she makes it very clear. When meeting Hanh again, Duc is torn with guilt and still was in love with her. Lai knew this and she understood. She was a girl who believed in true love. Yet, out of guilt and wanting to please her mother and his, he didn't want a divorce. Then his father, Khai asks him to ask Hanh to marry Tanh. It broke her heart totally and she ran away with tears and got into an accident. While she was in the hospital, Duc didn't feel it was he who should be by her bedside. That was when Lai told him she wanted a divorce for the good of Hanh. She was hurt just as Hanh was. But it was too bad, Hanh died and that was the last scene.
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