Be Bang
Cast : Vu Linh Tu Lap Thanh Ngan Mai Linh Tam Binh Diep Lang Ong Huong Thanh Loc Ong Huong(luc tre) Cam Thu Ba Huong Truong Hoang Long Thay Thuoc Viet Thanh Dan Lang Chi Mai Thanh Nien Be Thu Tam Be Mai(luc tre) Summary I am sorry i can not write the entire summary right now, but please bare with me and I will finish as soon as possible. In the beginning of the story, Ba Huong(Cam Thu) dies of a inherited disease. After burning her corpse, her husband and daughter goes far away from where they came from. When the real story begin, Ong huong(Diep Lang) worries about his daughter, Mai(Thanh Ngan) having the disease. He hires Tu Lap(Vu Linh) to go get the supposed cure. Binh(Linh Tam) is someone that is in love with Mai, but he doesn't know anything about the disease. The only people that knows is her father and Tu Lap. She didn't know until she started breaking into hives and looked so ugly that no one would go near her. She was afraid and in the end, to not spread the disease and to end her misery she burns herself. Sad.
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