Tam Da Chau Ngoc Long
Cast: Vu Linh Chau N. Long Tai Linh Phung L. Huong Bach mai Phung Mai Thoai My Hue Nhi Kim Thoa Phung L. Hoa Chieu Hung Hoang K. Minh Tieu Linh Truong Bao Chinh Ngan Chau N. Lan Minh Long Vua Lam Giang Thuong Tho Tuan Chau Tri Phu Cong Minh Thua Tuong Hieu Cang Do Cam Dung Linh Pho Tuong Tam Tam Chau My Phung Summary What I remember in this story is that Tieu Linh is the main enemy. He's cruel and in the very beginning both he and Vu Linh wanted to marry Tai Linh. She is the daughter of Bach Mai and Tuan Chau with a little sister who was played by Kim Thoa. In order to find a suitor, she threw a red wedding ball into the crowd of men and Vu Linh caught it. Her father was then ordered by Tieu Linh to marry her to him, because Tieu Linh didn't catch the ribbon. But Tai Linh was a good person and didn't want to marry Tieu LInh, so she ran away from home with Kim Thoa to find a person named Chau Ngoc Long(Vu Linh). She found him and was married to him. Then he goes away in war and is away from several years, during that time he meets Thoai My. She is totally in love with him, but he still loves his wife. In the meantime Tai LInh had twins Chinh Nhan and Trinh Trinh. They are very playful children and steals from hieu Canh making her angry at them. They had good intentions but didn't know what they were doing was wrong. In the end of the story Vu Linh's with his family again and Chieu Hung is a couple with Thoai My.
Another one of my favorites that I regret not having the summary on right now for you. It was the first time I saw Tam Tam and Chinh Nhan act. Or maybe I saw Chinh Ngan in La Thong.