Doi Chua Trang Diem
Cast : Tai Linh Vu Linh Phuong Hong Thuy Kim Tieu Long Thanh Ngan Quoc Kiet Van Ha Chi Linh Ut Bach Lan Trinh Trinh Summary : This is a cai luong that Cam Thuy introduced to me. In this story, Vu Linh married Phuong Hong Thuy and together with her he had a son. Then he left her and married Tai Linh. At that time Tai Linh's husband had died leaving her with three children Van Ha, Thanh Ngan, and Quoc Kiet. She raised her son, Quoc Kiet, but her two daughters were raised by her mother n law. Where the story begins is when Quoc Kiet is on his way home from school. He is stopped by Trinh Trinh. Quoc Kiet and Trinh Trinh are basically a couple in this cai luong. Trinh Trinh tells him that her cousin, Kim Tieu Long is coming home and he has a surprise for Quoc Kiet's family. Van Ha arrives and tells her brother that she wants him to go home and tell his other sister to come home to her grandma's home. Van Ha wasn't raised by Tai Linh and is very very sour about her mother. Quoc Kiet is annoyed by his older sister and just leaves and Van Ha asks Trinh Trinh about Kim Tieu Long. Trinh Trinh tells Van Ha that Kim Tieu Long is getting ready to propose. It turns out that Van Ha as well as Thanh Ngan both likes Kim Tieu Long. When Van Ha finds out that Kim Tieu Long is not proposing to marry her but Thanh Ngan, she's very angry. As the story continues it turns out that Kim Tieu Long is Phuong Hong Thuy's son and his father is Vu Linh. As soon it comes out to Phuong Hong Thuy that her son's girlfriend is the stepdaughter of her husband, she is furious and refuses to let Kim Tieu Long be with Thanh Ngan. Phuong Hong Thuy also refuses to let Kim Tieu Long see his father and she also gives Tai Linh a hard time. Thanh Ngan and Kim Tieu Long's relationship starts hitting the rocks and really hurt, Thanh Ngan runs into the streets and gets hit by a car. Seeing her daughter hurt, Tai Linh falls ill and both mother and daughter are in the hospital. Chi Linh plays Tai Linh's doctor, and so his part doesn't seem too significant, and I really think it's not. In the end of the story, Van Ha totally feel guilty about what she's done and Tai Linh dies. THE END
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