Doi Co Nga
Cast: Minh Vuong Thien Tai Linh Nga Kim Tu Long Hai Phuong Hong Thuy Thu Diep Lang Ong Thanh Ut Bach Lan Ba Vu Dieu Hien Ba Thanh Hoang An Nhon Huong Thuy Tu Ba Khanh Chau Dat Ngoc Nga Suong Summary I skimmed through this cai luong so it's not too accurate. Hai(Kim Tu Long) and Nga(Tai Linh) love each other. Hai is an artist and loves to sketch Nga. Nga and her mother, Ba Vu(Ut Bach Lan) are servants at Hai's home. Ong Thanh(Diep Lang) does not want them to be close so he kicks Ba Vu and Nga out of the house. The two of them go and Nga finds work at Thu(Phuong Hong Thuy)'s home. When Hai finds out that his girlfriend has been kicked out he goes out looking for her. Thu has a boyfriend, Thien(Minh Vuong). Thien's wife had been dead and he told Thu that he'd love only her unless his dead wife rose from the dead. Nga looks like Lien(Thien's dead wife). So worried about that Thu kicks Nga out of her home. At that time, Hai found Nga and so the two marry and have a daughter. For some reason Hai goes blind and can't help much anymore in the family. So Nga and Thien becomes good friends and that's where it ends on their relationship. But Hai thinks that Nga is cheating on him because he's blind so he runs away in shame. He leaves a letter saying 'Anh Di Xa, Em Dung Di Tim Anh Do it'. Dat is supposedly an old friend of Nga or someone she use to know, and he tricks her to sign a contract saying she'll work at his whore house or prostitute house. She says she'd rather commit suicide but in the process while Dat tries to stop her she stabs him. Nga goes to jail, and it's up to Thien to go find Hai and reunite the family. That's exaclty what happens. The END
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