Tinh Va Hieu

Cast : Vu Linh Vu Luan Linh Tam Thanh Thanh Tam Thanh Ngan Thanh Nguyet Trinh Trinh Diep Lang Kim Tieu Long Hong Nga I don't remember what the character's names are, but this story was one of my favorite cai luongs that was Xa Hoi and not Ho Quang. In this story Vu Linh and Thanh Thanh Tam are married and have two children : Linh Tam and Vu Luan. Vu Linh is getting tired of Thanh Thanh Tam and they fight a lot, so one day he decides that he can't stand her and would run her down with his car. Vu Luan couldn't stand his parent's bickering and in order to save his mother, he pushes her out of the way and in the process gets his legs run over by the car. He can no longer use his legs and there is where the story begins. Thanh Thanh Tam goes away for awhile. Vu Linh goes to the doctors and meet Kim Tieu Long and Thanh Ngan. Kim Tieu Long and Thanh Ngan are friends and he's a doctor while she is a nurse. Liking Thanh Ngan, Vu Linh invites her to go and take care of his son Vu Luan. In the meantime, Linh Tam has not been dealing with the fighting between his parents well, so he's been getting drunk a lot. Thanh Ngan and Trinh Trinh are sisters and their parents are Diep Lang and Thanh Nguyet. As the story progresses, Vu Linh falls in love with Thanh Ngan and she falls in love with him. Vu Luan also falls in love with Thanh Ngan and Kim Tieu Long has been in love with her since the beginning. Linh Tam gets drunk and hits Trinh Trinh while she was biking home from her friend's house. He got worried and took her in the hospital, after awhile he falls in love with her and it's because of her that he stops drinking. Thanh Thanh Tam comes back and hates Thanh Ngan because Thanh Ngan has become Vu Linh's love affection. Because of the fact that Thanh Ngan is in love with vu Linh, who is a man who can be her father, she betrays her parents. Trinh Trinh will not marry Linh Tam because she does not want to get herself in the situation where her sister is married to her father n law. In the end, Vu Luan finds out that his father loves Thanh Ngan and jumps off a cliff. Vu Linh feels guilty and dies, Thanh Ngan dies with him. And Vu Luan didn't die then LInh Tam and Trinh Trinh marries. Honestly, this is a good cai luong. Of course there are a few things that were wrong in the film, like the fact that they screwed the order by still making Linh Tam drunk after he crashed into Trinh Trinh.
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