Tong Lien Chi Quan Chua
Cast Ngoc Huyen Thoai My Van Ha Bao Chung Kim Tu Long Ngan Tuan Trong Nghia Thanh Tong Thanh Loan Thanh Son etc. Summary This story is one I am doing without the cast list. The cover apparently doesn't have the cast list and I have the cover that has Ngoc Huyen and Vu Linh on the cover for some strange reason. It's strange because Vu Linh is not in this cai luong.

As the story goes it starts off with a war that forces Tong LIen Chi to run and hide. she luckily is saved by Van Ha's father and adopted by him for protection. In that family it includes Bao Chung, who is semi-stupid, and Van Ha. The king of the next opposing country comes by and while Ngoc Huyen hides in the house he sees Van Ha. He is enchanted by her beauty but that is all. Ngan Tuan plays Thanh Tong's son and they both work by the king's side. Together they want to gain more power. One way is by using Thanh Tong's dauther, Thoai My to become the king's wife. Another way to do that is by pleasing him, so when seeing how Kim Tu Long liked Van Ha, Ngan Tuan goes and commands Van Ha and Ngoc Huyen to go to the palace to serve the king. It turns out that Kim Tu Long and Ngoc Huyen had met before and he'd save her life so they were in love. Thanh Loan is Kim Tu Long's mother and somehow she finds out that one of the two sisters is TOng Lien Chi Quan Chua. In order to save Ngoc Huyen, Van Ha claims she is and dies. In the end everything is fixed up and Kim Tu Long gets to be with Ngoc Huyen.
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