Chung Vo Diem

Tai Linh           Chung Vo Diem
Thanh Thanh Tam   
Kim Tu Long
Thanh Tong
Thoai My
Chi Linh
Van Ha
Bach Long
Chi Bao
Truong Son
Thanh Son
Cong Minh
Que Tran
Buu Truyen
Ngoc Dang
Thanh Loan

I have not watched this cai luong recently but I can give as accurate overview as anyone could. The story is about Chung Vo Diem (Tai Linh). She is a girl who was born ugly, like a monster, with three horns or bone things growing out of her head. While growing up she never knew how ugly she was until later in the story. In the story she has two brothers who both married and their wives like to pick on her a lot. Well, one day she was hunting and hiding in a tree when the king (Kim Tu Long) came around hunting. She wanted to play around with him , not knowing who he was, and threw rocks at him. He didn't know what to do so took his bow and shot an arrow at her. She was good a kung fu and caught it. Wearing a hat that veiled her face she jumped down angry. The king then flirted with her and told her that he'd love her and marry her. Thanh Tong at this point played a servant by the king and advised the king to really go through with the marriage even so she was ugly. When the wedding day came the king did not keep his promise and didn't come to marry her. Buu Truyen played her father and was very angry and threw her out of the house. She went to the palace and became the Queen because the king was afraid of her. At first he did several things to try to kill her and destroy her. For example he gave her the palace with ghosts and demons in it. She was too good and killed them all. Finally, the king got his concubine Thanh Thanh Tam to try an assination attempt. Her job was to poison Chung Vo Diem's cup. But Chung Vo Diem was ready and so in return used that very same poisonous cup and made Thanh Thanh Tam drink it. That killed Thanh Thanh Tam. A bunch of stuff happens there and then later on Chung Vo Diem has a son and people switch parts. This story is long and I remember a lot of it it's just not as entertaining to tell about it all. Mostly everyone in this story besides Tai Linh plays two roles. Even Kim Tu Long and Thanh Tong play two roles, Kim Tu Long first plays the king when he's young and then later in about twenty years into the story he's her son. Thanh Tong plays the servant then the king. Thoai My plays the enemy at a point then another of the king's concubines. Thanh Thanh Tam plays the king's concubine and Kim Tu Long's wife(when he's the son of Chung Vo Diem). Van Ha plays Tai Linh's sister n law and then the king's concubine. There is more. Oh yeah, but Que Tran and Chi Bao doesn't seem to play two parts.
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