Ngan Trai Duyen dau


Actors: Minh Vuong Hai Dang Ngoc Huyen Trang Kim Tu Long Khoi Thoai My Loan Tam Tam Ngan Cam Thu Chi Sau Khanh Tuan Lam Hieu Liem Quang Summary Hai Dang(Minh Vuong) and Trang(Ngoc Huyen) are a couple that is very happy because Trang is pregnant. Loan(Thoai My) has a husband called Quang(Hieu Liem) and she is also pregnannt. But she has not much money. So she told Hai Dang that he is the father of her child. He does not really know what to do. Because he thought that he has been sleeping with Loan, but the truth was that he only was unconscious and woke up close to Loan. Loan and Trang were very good friends but Loan has no good intentions. She phoned to Trang that she has to told her something very important about Hai Dang and that Trang has to come to Loan. But when trang arrived there was not Loan but Quang. He embraced Trang. She defended on that. But she couldn't get rid of it. At that moment Hai Dang came. Because Loan told him to come. So Thoai My became the wife of Hai Dang . Trang became crazy. About twenty years later: Khoi(Kim Tu Long) is the son of Loan, Ngan(Tam Tam) is the daughter of Trang. But they didn't know. They fell in love with each other and want to marry each other when they were older. But Chi Sao (Cam Thu) forbit it. Later they knew why. Loan told her son everything that happened in the past. He was "happy" because now he could marry Ngan because they weren't sisters. But his mother didn't want to tell Trang and Hai Dang the truth. Loan loved her son very much and he could persuade his mother to tell everything. But Khoi has promised to his mother that he will went with her. So Trang got back Hai Dang, but Khoi and Ngan are separated.
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