Ai La Me

Kim Tieu Long
Vu Linh
Huong Lan
Chi Linh
Phuong Hong Thuy
Quoc Kiet
Linh Tam
Ngoc Giao

This story is basically about Kim Tieu Long's family. He's a boy with three fathers and three mothers. How did this come upon ? Well, his birth parents are Huong Lan and Linh Tam. His father left his mother while she was pregnant to go to America. She stayed at her friend Phuong Hong Thuy's home. Phuong Hong Thuy's husband was Chi Linh and he got drunk and so would hit on Huong Lan. He got caught and Phuong Hong Thuy thought that her best friend and husband were dating behind her back. She got Huong Lan out of her house. But she and Chi Linh worried about Huong lan's child being Chi Linh's. So what happened was that Huong Lan was saved by Vu Linh, she had no place to go, they married and when her son was born he was kidnapped by Ngoc Giao. Ngoc Giao kidnapped him because Phuong Hong Thuy told her to. With Vu Linh, Huong Lan has another son who is played by Quoc Kiet. In the mean time her other son, Kim Tieu Long is being raised by Ngoc Giao, Chi Linh and Phuong Hong Thuy. Chi Linh and Phuogn Hong Thuy has a daughter but I don't know the actress's name. Sorry. In the end Linh Tam comes back the family is totally reunited. So Kim Tieu Long's fathers includes Chi Linh, Vu Linh and Linh Tam. Linh Tam being his birth father, vu Linh being his step-father, and Chi Linh being his adopted father. His three mothers includes Huong Lan, Phuong Hong Thuy and Ngoc Giao. Huong Lan being his birth mother and both Phuong Hong Thuy and Ngoc Giao being his adopted mothers. Cool Story. Right? Click to Return to Main Page