Mot Thoang Huong Yeu

Cast Vu Linh - Quoc Nam Ngoc Huyen - Hong Phi Linh Tam - Phuong Hong Thuy- Thao Ngan Tuan - Hong Yen - Trinh Trinh - Dan Van Chieu Hung - Vong Bich Thuy - Thao's mother Story I watched this cai luong and am writing this summary by memory with no cover to use as reference to the name's of the characters. This story is a charming tale of seven friends who later becomes eight when Vu Linh joins. With Vu Linh that makes four couples : Vu Linh and Phuong Hong Thuy, Ngoc Huyen and Linh Tam, Ngan Tuan with Hong Yen, Chieu Hung with Trinh Trinh. Well, if it was perfect then there would be no story. The problem with Chieu Hung and Trinh Trinh's relationship is that Trinh Trinh's little sister is totally in love with Chieu Hung. When he told her he didn't love her but only Trinh Trinh, she moves away. Because of her love for her little sister Trinh Trinh refuses to become anything more then friends with Chieu Hung. In order to have Chieu Hung stop chasing her Trinh Trinh marries a guy twenty years older then her. This forces Chieu Hung to marry Trinh Trinh's little sister. Finally there is Phuong Hong Thuy, Vu Linh, Ngoc Huyen and Linh Tam. Linh Tam is totally in love with Ngoc Huyen, she knows that and he's event he guy she can count on to make her laugh sometimes. But Ngoc Huyen is totally in love with Vu Linh. Vu Linh won't return her love because he loves only Phuong Hong Thuy and she loves him. It's sad though because Ngoc Huyen commits suicide for she loves Vu Linh and he was planning on getting married to Phuong Hong Thuy. After her death Vu Linh only sees Phuong Hong Thuy once and that was the end of their relationship. Sad.... As for Ngan Tuan and Hong Yen, nothing happens to them. They start together and end together. Everyone else isn't so fortunate.

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