Song Kiem Uyen Uong

Cast Tai Linh - Thien Kieu Cong Chua Kim Tu Long - Lieu Phung Xuan Thanh Tong - Lu Thach Hong Thoai My - Quynh Trang Truong Son - Ngu Lao Ngoc Dan - Phien Vuong Linh Chau - Lieu Phung Quang Van Ha - Ngoc Thuy Chi Linh - Lieu Phung Kiet Huu Canh - Minh Hue Tong Thanh Loan - Hoang Hau Cong Minh - Ba Ho Chi Bao - Thua Tuong Thanh Son - Thu Ha Story The story is about Lieu Phung Xuan(Kim Tu Long). In the very beginning he and his friend Lu Thach Hong(Thanh Tong) left home to join the army. At that point Lieu Phung Xuan was married to Quynh Trang(Thoai My). He had a pair of swords that was known as 'Uyen Uong Kiem'. He left one of them with Quynh Trang and took the other with him. She was pregnant at that time. At the palace, the king(Huu Canh) had a contest between Lieu Phung Xuan and Lu Thach Hong. The winner ended up being Lieu Phung Xuan and this caused jealousy to boil inside Lu Thach Hong. But Thua Tuong(Chi Bao) really could see that Ly Thach Hong thought a lot like him and would be a very useful advesary. So he adopted him. In the meantime Lieu Phung Xuan meets Thien Kieu Cong Chua(Tai Linh). He believes she's a bit too bratty for him because they're suppose to be enemies. But with Thien Kieu's mother,Phien Vuong(Ngoc Dang), they get married. Lu Thach Hong comes to them with a fake order of the king to behead Lieu Phung Xuan. Lieu Phung Xuan would have killed himself because of the order but Thien Kieu proved it was a fake order. Lu Thach Hong attacked them trying to kill mostly Phung Xuan. At the river in order to protect his second pregnant wife, Lieu Phung Xuan throws her on a horse. In a hurry he leaves his second wife the other Uyen Uong Kiem. He next gets shot with an arrow in the water, later to be saved by Ngoc Thuy(Van Ha). She's a seventeen year old naive girl, but her father has the two get married in which giving Lieu Phung Xuan three wives. For twenty years Phung Xuan lived happily with his third wife and three children. But this happiness ends when the sky began to errupt with violent colors. This was a message to him that the two Uyen Uong Kiem's were being used against each other. To him this only meant one thing, both wives were fighting one another. In reality it was his two sons Lieu Phung Quang(Linh Chau) and Lieu Phung Kiet(Chi Linh) who were fighting. They didn't know they were brothers. By the end he reunites with both wives and his two other sons and they save the king together from Thua Tuong's grasps.

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