Moc Que Anh Pha Thien Mon Tran

Cast Kim Tu Long : Duong Ton Bao Phuong Mai : Moc Que Anh Sai Phu Nhan : Thanh Thanh Tam Gia Luat Hao Nam : Chi Linh Duong Bai Phong : Thoai My Duong Ton Nguyen : Vu Luan Sai Thai Quan : Ngoc Dang Duong Luc Su : Thanh Tong Tieu Dinh Quy : Chinh Nhan Tieu Hau : Van Ha Vua Tong : Chieu Hung Bang Thai Su : Cong Minh Moc Thien Vuong : Duc Loi Thai Giam : Hieu Canh Uyen Lan : Trinh Trinh Moc Hoa : Binh Tinh Summary This is probably made off of the ATV series "The Heroines of Yang". It's really good. Moc Que Anh(Phuong Mai) is the daughter of Moc Thien Vuong(Duc Loi), she is also the Su Mui of Gia Luat Hao Nam(Chi Linh). Apparently in the beginning he wanted to marry her or something of that sort. She meets up with Duong Ton Bao(Kim Tu Long) and falls in love with him. Eventually after going through a few things the two fall in love and get married. Their main enemies includes Bang Thai Su(Cong Minh) and Gia Luat Hao Nam. now the most interest part, to my opinion, is everything dealing with Gia Luat Ton Nguyen(Vu Luan). He is the nephew of Tieu Hau(Van HA). She is currently the leader of Lieu and her greatest enemies in Tong is the Duong family. When Ton Nguyen is first introduced he took his wife Uyen Lan(Trinh Trinh) away to be farmers because he couldn't understand why his aunt treated him the way she did. He later returned then his aunt told him that his father was the fourth son of the Duong family. Wanting to find out more about his father's side of the family he and Uyen Lan goes to Tong to stay with the Duong family. With his aunt wanting him to fight for her side (lIeu) and him wancommits suicide leaving Uyen Lan pregnant and at the same time Moc Que Anh is pregnant. The last battle they supposedly kill Gia Luat Hao Nam and Moc Que Anh gives birth to her son. Click to Return to the Main Page