Co Gai Do Long and Do Long Y Thien Kiem
Thank Cam Thuy for this picture

"Co Gai Do Long" is the same story as the Cai Luong "Do Long Y Thien Kiem". The difference is basically the length and the scenes. The story is the same but some of the scenes are different. Also "Do Long Y Thien Kiem" has two different covers but I only took one because I didn't want to have you wait too long to view them. If you would like to view both than goto Cam Thuy's homepage under links, then go under Tai linh and Vu Linh Vidoes. Differences 1. "Do Long Y Thien Kiem" begins the story with the story of Du Ky's parents. And "Co Gai Do Long" starts off with something else. 2. "Do Long Y Thien Kiem" is easier to follow, because they don't all of the sudden jump to new parts of the story. "Co Gai Do Long" doesn't prove to be so easy to follow. Opinion I know this should be a review page, but hold on until I retrieve some pictures from these Cai Luong's first. As you can also see I favor "Do Long Y Thien Kiem" over "Co Gai Do Long". I have watched both of these Cai Luongs.