Starring: Thanh Thanh Tam and Linh Tam Summary Yen Ca Lan(Thanh Thanh Tam) is suppose to be a beautiful girl who accidently meets up with the king. He falls in love with her immediately except she's in love with An Lac Chi(Linh Tam). There is this other girl who is in love with An Lac Chi and Quan Gia(Baco Cung) is An Lac Chi's friend. The story is interesting because since the king wants to marry Yen Ca Lan, then he gets to. She breaks An Lac Chi's heart because she didn't want the king to kill him. The other girl in love with An Lac Chi couldn't get him to love her so she tried a love potion but that got Quan Gia in love with her. The girl's mother decides to do a trade with An Lac Chi, or she puts evil to work. She turns him into a hideous monster!(Actually he doesn't look hideous to my opinion he looked kinda cute that way) She told him she would make him look his old self if he'd marry her daughter. He refuses saying that he didn't care anymore. I forgot to mention Quan Gia is blind... so he can't see An Lac Chi's ugly face anyways. Quan Gia tricks the girl to drink the love potion and she falls in love with him. Meanwhile the new queen(Yen Ca Lan) is very very sad. An Lac Chi hears she's queen and is angered so he goes to the palace to kill her. While there he couldn't kill her and she wakes up.. I think there was a twist with the spell that at times he'd be his regular self and other times he was plain ugly. He came handsome, and she wakes up to find him. She hides him in the closet or somethign like that and tells him to listen to her conversation with the king. When the king comes she flirts with him so he'd tell the truth out so An Lac Chi wouldn't be mad at her anymore. An Lac Chi in his monster form comes out scares her to a faint and the king runs away. He feels sad he betrayed her trust. So he leaves, and the girl's mother now wants to help the couple and so kidnapped the queen. Yen Ca Lan finds out her love is the monster and she says she didn't care he was ugly. Then the king comes and tries to "save" the queen. But she wouldn't leave An Lac Chi's side. He kills An Lac Chi, or thought he did. But then An Lac Chi is freed from the spell and takes Yen Ca Lan with him and the two live happily ever after... We hope...
This cai luong was good, one of my favorites with Thanh Thanh Tam and Linh Tam. Even so Thanh Thanh Tam doesn't dance as good as the Indian girls from India she's pretty good. I mean she's really flexible and doesn't make her dances too simple and boring. Linh Tam can't dance obviously from this film, but his acting is cute and really neat. If you wanted to find a cai luong you never tried this is one to try.
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