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Who is the actor do you dislike the most?
Who is the actress do you dislike the most?

Female :
1. Ngoc Huyen       77  Votes
2. Phuong Mai       34  Votes
3. Huong Lan        25  Votes
4. Thanh Ngan       6   Votes
5. Thanh Hang       5   Votes

Male :
1. Kim Tu Long      51  Votes
2. Vu Linh          7   Votes
3. Minh Vuong       5   Votes
4. Vu Luan          5   Votes
5. Chinh Nhan       1   Votes
My Opinion Lisa Nguyen has been kind enough to be watching the polls and she reported that in one day Ngoc Huyen and Kim Tu Long's jumped. Whomever did vote a dislike towards them must have voted quite a few times.
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