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Who is your second favorite actor?
Who is your second favorite actress?

Female :
1. Thoai My         43  Votes
2. Trinh Trinh      30  Votes
3. Van Ha           10  Votes
4. Que Tran         9   Votes
5. Tam Tam          5   Votes

Male :
1. Linh Tam         36  Votes
2. Vu Luan          31  Votes
3. Kim Tu Long      14  Votes
4. Chi Linh         14  Votes
5a Ngan Tuan         2  Votes
5b Trong Nghia       2  Votes
5c Vu Linh           2  Votes
My Opinion Wow! I never dreamed anyone would take Vu Linh as a second favorite. Thoai My and Linh Tam are top! Now I'm asking about Vu Luan and Thanh Ngan.
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