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Which actor is best to act opposite Kim Thoa?


1. Vu Luan          14  Votes
2. Kim Tu Long       9  Votes
3. Vu Linh           7  Votes
4a.Trong Nghia       2  Votes
4b.Bach Long         2  Votes
4c.Bao Chung         2  Votes

Which actress is best to act opposite Bach Long?


1. Huong Lan        14  Votes
2a.Ngoc Huyen       11  Votes
2b.Phuong Mai       11  Votes
3. Thoai My          7  Votes
4a.Thanh Ngan        5  Votes
4b.Tai Linh          5  Votes
4c.Thanh Thanh Tam   5  Votes
4d.Thanh Hang        5  Votes

My Opinion Many people must be wondering what's up with these who's best acting opposite questions. Well, I am not exactly getting any brighter on question ideas. Anyone got ideas for me? Feel free to e-mail them.
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