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Who is Your Favorite Cai Luong Actress?
Who is Your Favorite Cai Luong Actor?

Female :
1. Tai Linh         186 Votes
2. Ngoc Huyen       26  Votes
3. Phuong Hong Thuy 8   Votes
4. Le Thuy          4   Votes
5. Thanh Ngan       3   Votes

Male :
1. Vu Linh          196 Votes
2. Kim Tu Long      11  Votes
3. Minh Vuong       3   Votes
4. Vu Luan          2   Votes
5. Ngan Tuan        2   Votes
My Opinion I think so far everyone seems to agree that Tai Linh and Vu Linh are the most popular cai luong actors right? Because if they didn't the other people's results would not be as low. Sign My Guestbook

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