Cai Luong RealAudio
Doi Thay by Phuong Hong Thuy Gian Hon by Chau Thanh and Cam Tien Song Que by Vu Luan Vay Tay Chao by My Chau and Minh Vuong Me La Que Huong by Vu Luan and Huong Thuy Chuyen Chung Minh by Duong Thanh Chuyen Ngay Xua by Thoai My and Thoai Mieu Ve Lai Doi Sim by Quoc Kiet and Phuong Ngan I'm sorry for the inconvience but I'm still trying to discover how to make rmx files into ram riles for your entertainment. If you know how to transfer these real files then do tell me.