Test Your Knowledge

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The Cai Luong Quiz now is asking about "Doi Chua Trang Diem" starring Vu Linh, Tai Linh and Phuong Hong Thuy

1. How many children does Vu Linh have?

2. Why does Van Ha despise Tai Linh so much?

3. Who does Chi Linh act for?

4. Who is Vu Linh's wife?

5. Why does Thanh Ngan get angry at Kim Tieu Long?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Previous Cai Luong Quiz was asking about "Duong Gia Tuong", starring Vu Linh and Thanh Thanh Tam.

1. Who acted for Duong Tam Lan?

Chinh Nhan

2. What three characters did Vu Linh act for in the entire film?

- Duong Tu Lang
- Duong That Lang
- Khau Chuan

3. Who did the king's sister marry?

The King's sister married Duong Luc Lang

4. What happened to Duong Tu Lan after the major battle?

After the major battle, Duong Tu Lang had been capture at Phien Ban 
and married Phien Ban's princess.

5. Why was the whole Duong family was to be beheaded?

The Duong's family beheaded because Duong That Lang killed Phan Bao

For this quiz I only got two responses, Mai is the winner and she's answered all of these questions correctly.