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Tammy Tran

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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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College Senior

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I grew an interest for Cai Luong when I was eight and was still trying to figure out what Tai Linh was singing. Then I hardly understood more than a few words of Vietnamese. Shame of me, I'm Vietnamese American and only knew how to greet, and call mom and dad. Not too long ago, I took some time home alone and sat down to watch some television. Nothing interested me so I decided to watch some TVB(Hong Kong) movies for example my favorite "Co Gai Do Long". At that time my parents kepted the vidoes all over the place, I mean there were in one section of the house just not really sure where exactly each vidoe is. I didn't even know the name of the movie, so I had to test each vidoe. And I came upon "Phan Le Hue" starring Tai Linh and Vu Linh. I put it into the VCR and let it play while I digged some more through the vidoes. When Thoai My came on dressed as I boy, I thought she looked funny and wanted to know what was going on. Mom wasn't around to tell me, so I sat and watched, and also listened. That is how come I can speak Vietnamese now, I learn most of my Vietnamese off Cai Luong and HK Viet translated movies. Also you would need to take notice that my Vietnamese sounds sort of like the Vietnamese spoken on there. After we got the internet I wanted to know more about the Cai Luong I watched. I couldn't find anythign! Well, I did. But not much, the best was Cam Thuy's Tai Linh and Vu Linh homepage. After that I e-mailed her telling about how great her homepage was. She and I became friends and she encouraged me to create this homepage.

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Finally, the bug that's kept me from updating my page is over. Now I am sorry for all of the people who come to visit my homepage for not being able to update. Now that I can update again. I will immediately update as many pictures, summaries and more for your convience. :) Hello! From the information above you get some of the things you needed to know about you. Young ain't I? I just want to thank you for taking some time to find out who made this page. One thing that made me happy is that this homepage is such a success. Soon I'm going to add a Really Cool Main Page. I mean I'll have Cai Luong still, but I'm going to add other things like the temple I goto, the school I goto, Vietnamese singers, and other stuff. Come back soon, and if you want to help sign up for my newsletter. Why don't you help me while you're at it?

Here is the dance I coordinated for Tet 2006 for the Vietnamese Student Association of MInnesota. 

About Alina
Before you stop reading this you must also thank Alina. She has been sending me a few of the summaries that you've read, and getting me information plus on top of that she been sending in pictures. Remember that I really do appreciate it when some one does that and it would be a benefit for you too because that's more information for you to access. 

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