Full Name Vu Ha Ngoc Huyen Date of Birth June 28, 1970 Birth Place Quan 1 Saigon Parents Vu Manh Hung (Architect..Kien Truc Su) Ha Thi Lien (Housewife) Other Info Ngoc Huyen has 1 older brother living in Paris with the name Vu Ngoc Hoang. -She started her career (singing vong co) in 1980 with nhac si Ut Trong for 2 years. -Enter Truong Tran Huu Trang khoa 2 in 1983 -In 1984, Ngoc Huyen actually entered san khau cai luong. - She had received lots of awards such as: 1989--4th place in Dien Vien Duoc Yeu Thich Nhat (only 5 years of experience!), 1990--2nd place in Dien Vien Duoc Yeu Thich Nhat --Received award (Huy Chuong Vang) for the role Cong chua Ngoc Han in Mat Troi Dem The Ky. 1991--2nd place in Dien Vien Du Giai Tran Huu Trang Duoc Yeu Thich Nhat 1991-- Huy Chuong Vang Giai Tran huu Trang along with all her seniors such as Vu Linh, Tai Linh, Thanh Thanh Tam, Phuong Hong THuy, and Thanh Hang. 1992--Best Couple Award with Kim Tu Long 1993--3rd place in "Dien Vien Video Duoc Yeu Thich Nhat." 1st and 2nd place winners were Vu Linh and Le Thuy. She also received awards from Bao Tuoi Tre for 2 straight years. THis award is for outstanding young actress who achieved so much at such young age. She also received some more awards, but I will have to look for them first. Out of all the famous actresses now, Ngoc Huyen faced more criticisms than anyone. Since she was only in her very early 20 and received all the awards with all her seniority. So lots of people "khong co phuc."